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What We Do

We will supply vending equipment to your location, set it up, service, maintain and restock free of charge.  Let us take care of the small things while you worry about the bigger stuff !!

If your are unhappy with your current vendor or you are a new company looking for a vending machine service company, look no more, you have come to the right place.

We will help bring smiles to your staff while cutting down on extended break periods.  You choose your favourite snacks, food and beverage and we do the rest.  There is no cost, no obligation to your company.

Servicing offices, schools, students residence, hotels, condos, sporting arenas, hospitals, car dealerships, government institutions and factories in Toronto and the surroundings areas.

If you are looking to rent a vending machine for event or a movie or film project on a short term basis, contact us we can be of help too.

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Why Bestway Vending?

We guarantee that your machines will be serviced and filled with fresh quality products and at competitive prices.

We install modern equipment and boast excellent service backed by qualified and experienced operators.  Our full line of equipment is built with today’s technology that includes built in sensors and electronic monitoring designed to create hassle-free vending.  Once the machine registers a credit,  it will return the deposit if no product is delivered.

We will install brand new machines at your location if there are at least 150 people at your establishment.

Our machines are maintained, filled up and serviced regularly.  Machines will break down no matter what, however should this occur a Bestway Vending operator will usually respond and correct the issue within 24 hrs.  We recognize the importance of having our machines running at efficient levels at all times.  When it comes to service, we stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Need a Coke machine, Pepsi machine or a generic one, we have it.  We install coffee machines, pop/juice/water machines, snack and food machines.

Our machines are updated and programmed to accept various payment methods including coins, bills, debit/credit cards and mobile phones with pay range and apple pay.





Contact us today:

If you run an establishment in the Greater Toronto Area and require a vending machine operator,  contact us today to find out how we may be of service to your organization.

If you are a business owner and would like to purchase and operate your own machines, we can assist you with setup, training and product selection.

For more than two decades, we have provided vending machines and vending machines service to a variety of establishments large or small. Vending customized to your needs.

We offer 3 types of vending programs:

1) Standard Service: We will install the machines, restock, service and maintain them at no cost/no obligation to your establishment.  You choose your product and we take care of the rest.  This is by far the most popular program.

2) Subsidized Vending: Products in the vending machines are priced lower than standard prices, as a reward for your employees, the employer pays the difference.

3) Rebate/Commission Program: Products are priced higher, based on a percentage or flat fee, Bestway Vending will remit employer with a cheque which can be used for employee or social events at the company.  High volume required.



Our operators are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the vending field.  We provide a wide selection of Vending Machines including snack Vending Machines, cold drink Vending Machines, hot drink Vending Machines, food and combo Vending Machines.  Our equipment is state-of-the-art, upgraded to accept coins, bills, debit and credit cards plus  mobile payment using your iPhone or Smartphone

Our main focus is Customer Service.  Machines will break down no matter what and vending machines are no exception.  What is important however is how quickly the problem is corrected when a breakdown or malfunction occurs.  We respond same day or usually within 24 hrs.  We appreciate the importance of having our machines running at efficient levels at all times, hence our “Customer First” foundation.



We constantly upgrade our equipment, service and maintain it, ensuring optimum performance at all times.  As the vending industry continues to be a top beneficiary of new entrepreneurs, the level of competitiveness increases.

At Bestway Vending, we continue to maintain the edge we have on the competition; wide product selection, fair and reasonable prices and reliable equipment backed by qualified personnel and excellent service.



Bestway Vending is independently owned.  As a result we can provide our customers with a wide selection of products without any restrictions.  In essence, we can put competing brands in our machines, for instance; Coke or Pepsi or both, whichever you prefer.  We work for you, not for the manufacturers.  We do not retain middlemen or brokers to operate our locations, we deal directly with you and vice versa and you will not see different faces coming to your building.



Your Vending Machines are restocked and serviced as quickly as needed,  made possible by our unique location tracking program, maintained for the machine by your operator.





To get your free machines or inquire about how we can best meet your office needs, contact us today.